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  Delicate Arch   
Category: Battaile
Artist: Bennett Battaile
Our Price: $ 4,000.00
Description:  2001 Glass - lampworked glass 48" x 16" x 9"

Bennett Battaile creates intricate shapes of lampworked, clear glass based on ideas from mathematics. In his sculptures, smooth filigree surfaces twist and merge, long wands vibrate at nearby footsteps, and a chaos of zigzags reveals flowing lines. They are all made of the same thin glass rod, painstakingly bent and fused, sharing both fragility and transparency. Battaile?s interest in math and computer science strongly contributes to his work. Many of his designs are inspired by August Mobius, the 19th century mathematician. Battaile bends and fuses 2mm clear glass rods to attain complex, intertwined, linear designs. He studied flameworking with Anna Skibska at the Pilchuck Glass School in 1996, after completing degrees in math and computer science. Most of his pieces begin with ideas from mathematics. He likes the shapes that come from its study of flow, symmetry and curves. He originally began working in glass as one of many attempts to find a three-dimensional chalkboard to sketch mathematical shapes. He found that glass is much too slow to use for sketching, but the results are pleasing enough to be worth the effort. He aims to make pieces that are difficult to photograph. If a shape is simple or familiar enough to be described well in a photograph or painting, he considers it better to start with the painting and skip the glass altogether, as a painting is much more convenient to store and transport. Battaile is usually happier making a piece that must be walked around to be understood, or that at least requires some depth perception. His sculpture compels the viewer to experience the work from all sides.
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