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The CB450T Hawk was only made in the year 1982, over 20 years ago, so owners of this bike are a select group! Here are some Hawk riders and their bikes. See Hawk riders' Locations and VIN numbers here.

This is Dan Libby's bike. He bought it new and used it for transportation for 11 years. Dan's Hawk has an easily removable fairing. Dan knows a lot about Hawks. He lives in rural California, USA, still has the Hawk, and also rides a BMW 1995 R1100RS.

The CB450T was made in two colors, silver with blue trim and black with orange trim. This black and orange Hawk belongs to Andreas Goetzfried of Melbourne, Florida, U.S.A. Here are Andreas and his wife Issa on the bike. The bike was licensed in Virginia and purchased in Cocoa Beach, Florida.

Scott England from Sullivan, Illinois owns this Hawk. It is in unbelievable shape with only 7,000 original miles on it. Scott got it from a friend who bought it in 1986 from his best friend who had only put 1,200 miles on it.

This silver Hawk with a fairing belongs to Phil Z. of Apex. The bike has 11,400 miles on it, and is in excellent condition.

James and Margot Bai from Markham, Ontario own this silver CB450T. They took the Humber College Gearing Up course.

James Kaminski is the original owner of this CB450T. He's from Muskegon, Michigan and he also rides a 2001 Honda CBR 600 F4i. Here's a photo of James on his Hawk. His Hawk has the same Quicksilver fairing as mine.

This is Michelle Mitchell's black Hawk. Her husband John bought her the bike, and she took the Humber motorcycle course in April 2003. They live in Georgetown, Ontario, west of Toronto.

Per's hawk

Per Hornell owned this black and orange Hawk. Per is a software engineer who lives in Sweden and rides a 1984 BMW R100RT.

Matt Albinson from San Francisco, California rides a CB450T that was painted gray. He has seen other CB450T Hawks in San Francisco.

Joel Roltgen from Baraboo, Wisconsin, U.S.A. owns a CB450T Hawk in great condition.

Lucie Godin from Montreal, Quebec also rides a silver and blue CB450T Hawk. She started with a Honda scooter, then got the Hawk and learned to ride from her sister, who rides a 1972 Honda 750.

Marty Alexander's first bike was a CB450T like mine, without the fairing. He bought it from a guy who returned from the military in Hawaii, with a Hawaii inspection sticker still on it! He regrets having sold it! Marty lives in NE Pennsylvania, and he now rides a 1997 Kawasaki Concours.

Tai Day's first bike was a CB450T Hawk. If you're a shorter biker, note that Tai is 5'4" so the Hawk is a possible choice.

This is Clancy Fiendell's Hawk in the Mohavi Desert. It was originally a 1982 CB400T. He bought a 1982 CB450T from a junkyard for $200, took the engine and carb and upgraded the 400 to a 450. The engine is the same except the cylinder walls and pins in the carb. The bike had about 110,000 miles on it when he traded it for a '86 Ninja 600. Now Clancy is in North Vancouver, and his bike is in Guatamala!