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CB450T serial numbers all start with JH2PC050. We now know what the numbers mean, thanks to Mark Dawber from New Zealand, who provided this location guide. In JH2PC050, the J means the country of origin is Japan. The H means the manufacturer is Honda. JH2, the first three digits, is the world manufacturer identifier. JH2 means the Hawk is a Honda motorcycle made in Japan. A Honda motorcycle made in the U.S. would begin with 1HF.

JH2 PC050 * CM00 0010   1982 CB450T   Hawks start here
JH2 PC051 * CM00 0012   1982 CM450C   Custom bikes start here
JH2 PC052 * CM00 0014   1982 CM450A   Hondamatic bikes start here
JH2 PC053 * CM00 0008   1982 CM450E   Economy bikes start here
JH2 PC054 * CM00 0015   1982 CB450SC   Nighthawks start here

PC050 in the fourth to eighth positions is the Hawk's vehicle descriptor section that refers to the Hawk's vehicle description code CB450T. All CB450T Hawks can be identified by PC050, so if the number isn't PC050, it isn't a CB450T Hawk. You can see above that Hawks are 50, while other 1982 bikes are 51 through 54. The ninth position, which you'll see is different from bike to bike on the list below, is a check digit. It's a code, either an X or a number from 0 to 9, that is used to detect errors in the VIN number.

The 10th position, C, refers to the model year 1982. All Honda 1982 motorcycles would have a C in this position. The 11th position, M, is the plant representation that tells us that CB450T Hawks were all manufactured at the Hamamatsu factory in Japan. The 12th through 17th positions indicate the production sequence number, so each Hawk has its own number. More information

So all CB450T Hawks were built in Japan. I'm curious about where they are now. Although we can't trace them all (like Clancy's, in a junkyard except for the parts he put on the 400T!) it's interesting to see where those we do know about ended up.

I wonder how many CB450T Hawks were made. Based on the VIN numbers below, there must be at least 4771 of them (4781 minus 0010). Does anyone have a Hawk serial number higher than 4781, or lower than 10? Another site, no longer available, said the CB450T Hawk serial numbers began at JH2PC050 * CM00 0011, but Evan's CB450T is 0010.

The engine numbers should be the same as the VIN numbers, but you can see in the chart below that most of them are not. In this chart, Black means black/orange and Silver means silver/blue. This page is no longer being updated, but its information remains historically interesting.

VIN No. Engine No. Colour Owner Location
JH2PC050 8 CM00 0010   Silver (green) Evan M. Nanaimo, BC, Canada
JH2PC050 ? CM00 0040 PC05E-700 0040 Black Mark Stenseth Goodridge, MN, USA
JH2PC050 2 CM00 0052   Black Wilfried Rauschenberg Bremerhaven, Bremen, Deutschland
JH2PC050 9 CM00 0162 PC05E-700 0161 ? Rusty Nabity Belleville, KS, USA
JH2PC050 3 CM00 0268   (tan & blue) Dave Cahill Bullhead City, AZ, USA
JH2PC050 3 CM00 0318   Silver James Kaminski Muskegon, MI, USA
JH2PC050 0 CM00 0616   Silver (EBay parts bike) Wichita, KS, USA
JH2PC050 0 CM00 0728   Silver Bill Crawford Paoli, PA, USA
JH2PC050 6 CM00 0894 PC05E-700 898 Silver Dan Libby Monterey County, CA, USA
JH2PC050 5 CM00 1082   Black Andreas Goetzfried Melbourne, FL, USA
JH2PC050 7 CM00 1116 PC05E-700 1111 Black Kenn Kosnikowski Buffalo, NY, USA
JH2PC050 3 CM00 1369 PC05E-700 1369 Black Derek Brayley Orangeville, ON, Canada
JH2PC050 3 CM00 1503   Silver Jason Purdy Cochrane, AB, Canada
JH2PC050 X CM00 1563   Black Jeroen Klepke Dalerpeel, Drenthe, Nederland
JH2PC050 1 CM00 1600 PC05E-700 1587 Black Mick Montoya Los Angeles, CA, USA
JH2PC050 6 CM00 1673   ? David Bell Paso Robles, CA, USA
JH2PC050 4 CM00 2059   Black Scott Harder Portland, OR, USA
JH2PC050 3 CM00 2523   Silver Lonnie Knowles Browns, IL, USA
JH2PC050 1 CM00 2553   Silver Robert Gonzalez Glendora, CA, USA
JH2PC050 6 CM00 2631   Black (EBay) Gulfport, MS, USA
JH2PC050 9 CM00 2736 PC05E-700 2736 Black Rodrigo Sanchez Zapopan, Jalisco, Mexico
JH2PC050 X CM00 2759 PC05E-700 2760 Black Evan M. Nanaimo, BC, Canada
JH2PC050 X CM00 2938   Black Bill Forst Gibsons, BC, Canada
JH2PC050 0 CM00 2950 PC05E-700 2951 Black Les Curtis Lacombe, AB, Canada
JH2PC050 4 CM00 3034 PC05E-700 3037 Black Mark Dawber Christchurch, New Zealand
JH2PC050 1 CM00 3055 PC05E-700 3057 Black Jeryl Olorenshaw Saskatoon, SK, Canada
JH2PC050 3 CM00 3056 PC05E-700 3058 Black Dustin Boggs Victoria, BC, Canada
JH2PC050 5 CM00 3134   Silver Joe Agius Oakville, ON, Canada
JH2PC050 5 CM00 3219 PC05E 700 3219 Silver James & Margot Bai Markham, ON, Canada
JH2PC050 0 CM00 3256   Silver Don Cook St. John's, NL, Canada
JH2PC050 4 CM00 3423   Silver Randy Wittmer Hartville, OH, USA
JH2PC050 2 CM00 3436 PC05E-700 3437 Silver Nickolas Sergot Rochester, MN, USA
JH2PC050 1 CM00 3489   (other) Steve Burke Gilbert, AZ, USA
JH2PC050 1 CM00 3539   Silver Robert Clark Pleasant Hill, CA, USA
JH2PC050 5 CM00 3690 PC05E-700 3694 Silver Jeff Dale Cameron Park, CA, USA
JH2PC050 9 CM00 3773 PC05E-700 3794 Black Steven Wilson Atlanta, GA, USA
JH2PC050 3 CM00 3803 PC05E-700 3818 Black Ray Dawkins Ashford, Kent, UK
JH2PC050 5 CM00 3863   ? David Stephenson Halifax, West Yorkshire, UK
JH2PC050 1 CM00 4013   Black Monte Anderson Dillon, MT, USA
JH2PC050 ? CM00 4067   Black Gilbert Haro Santa Monica, CA, USA
JH2PC050 2 CM00 4229   (other) Michael Fix Fort Riley, KS, USA
JH2PC050 9 CM00 4292 PC05E-700 4302 Silver Moritz Ertl Richmond Hill, ON, Canada
JH2PC050 9 CM00 4535   Black Christopher Trace Tottenham, ON, Canada
JH2PC050 1 CM00 4593   Black Brian Roxboro Toronto, ON, Canada
JH2PC050 2 CM00 4618 PC05E-700 4615 (red) Yannick Trottier Toronto, ON, Canada
JH2PC050 7 CM00 4727   Silver Isabelle Legault Ottawa, ON, Canada
JH2PC050 5 CM00 4760 Silver Tom Tuck Red Deer, AB, Canada
JH2PC050 1 CM00 4769 PC05E-700 4783 Silver Don Leaming Niagara Falls, ON, Canada
JH2PC050 2 CM00 4781 PC05E-700 4793 Black Alliston Auto Centre Alliston, ON, Canada