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Most motorcycle accidents are caused by car drivers who do not see the motorcycle or wrongly judge how fast it is going. The most common accident is a car driver turning left at an intersectionm when a motorcyclist who has the right of way is proceeding across the intersection, hitting the motorcycle. Usually the car driver is at fault, but the motorcyclist is the one who is seriously hurt.

Car drivers in Canada are not aware enough of motorcycles. The owner of Toronto Vespa said that he would have no problem riding a scooter on the highway in Europe, but he would not in Canada because car drivers here do not expect to see scooters, and they often don't see motorcycles either.

I think we could eliminate many serious injuries and deaths if all car drivers were required to take basic motorcycle and bicycle safety training in order to get their car license. Although not everyone can drive a motorcycle safely, everyone can learn to avoid collisions.

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