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I bought this Hawk as my first bike in September 2001 after completing the Humber College motorcycle training program. For the past 10 years I've used my bicycle for transportation, so I'm used to two wheels! My idea to get a motorcycle originated from taking a four-month program at Humber which is too far for my bicycle, and I wasn't keen on vegetating on public transit for 15 hours every week. Initially I wanted a scooter, but as I learned more, I decided on a motorcycle. I researched and tried out many bikes before finding my Hawk. I used it to commute to Humber, an enjoyable two hours a day of riding, then rode it regularly all winter, since Toronto winters can be mild. The bike is very low maintenance, and it has some neat features, like a sixth gear, a fairing with storage space, and a halogen car headlight.

Below are my friend Mike who helped me choose my bike, and the previous owner, Gary. When I bought it, it had about 20,000 km on it. Gary bought it two years earlier from Terrence at about 12,000 km. The owners before Terrence were Susan and Carolyn. I'm grateful to all four previous owners for taking such excellent care of this bike! You'd never guess it's 20 years old, as it's in immaculate condition.